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Jimmy John’s was founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud in the college town of Charleston, IL. As a means of survival, Jimmy began hand delivering tasty sandwiches to students at Eastern Illinios University, and from there, grew the business into what it is today.

Jimmy John’s now has over 2,600 locations across the U.S. We make sandwiches using only the freshest ingredients because quality is our way of life. Our French bread and 9-grain Wheat bread is baked all day, every day and always served less than four hours out of the oven. We hand-slice our provolone cheese, meats, and veggies in-house every day, and locally purchase produce to serve only the highest quality ingredients that make the perfect Jimmy John’s sandwich. Fresh food made from scratch is just how we roll.

The flavor of a ripe tomato and crisp shredded lettuce, combined with fresh-baked bread, fresh-sliced meat, and real Hellmann's® mayo – that's when the magic happens. Sandwiches made with love every single day, since 1983.

Visit your local Jimmy John’s or order online now to give the magic of tasty sandwiches a try for yourself!

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